P&C Directory

Each year the P & C compiles a Parent Directory to share with the school community (all parents and caregivers).  Personal information for the directory is contributed on a voluntary basis with the understanding the directory will only be used for the benefit of school community activities.  Many parents and caregivers find it useful for contacting each other about school related and social activities.

Previously, parents have added their details each year separately from the compilation of the class lists. This year we plan, with parent/caregiver consent, to create the directory from the class lists developed for the Class Parent Program. In addition, we propose a one-time opt-in for the child’s duration of enrolment at the school. The primary impact of these changes are (1) the contact details in the directory will include only phone numbers and email addresses, not suburbs and street addresses because they are not included on the class lists, and (2) parents/caregivers would only need to update their information with any changes each year (i.e., change of email address) or if they would like to opt-out (unsubscribe).

We ask you to complete a 2-question poll that should take less than 1 minute to complete to advise the P & C whether you wish to:

  1. Be included in this year’s family directory.
  2. Subscribe to receive updates about P&C events and minutes from the P & C meetings.


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