Sub-committees are formed by the P & C to undertake specific planning work and/or manage tasks on behalf of the P & C Association. Sub‐committees are categorised on either an ad hoc basis, ie for a one-off event such as the fete, or a standing committee that is ongoing and elected annually at the AGM, such as the Canteen Committee.


Executive Oversees the running of the P & C.
Band Organises the band program.
Strings Organises the strings ensemble.
Finance Prepares the P & C budget.
Uniform Shop Supports the uniform shop manager with the running of the uniform shop.
Canteen Supports the canteen manager with the running of the school canteen.
Gardens and
Supports the work of the general assistant through working bees to keep the extensive grounds in order.
Communications Manages and shares the school directory, maintains P & C website and the Facebook page, as well as other communication directives such as the class parent program.
Fundraising Organises fundraising activities.


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